Beard oil is basically a cosmetic product that’s used in moisturizing the skin which is under your beard so as to keep it smooth, soft and shiny. The luxurious stuff we call beard oil basically mimics natural oils that are produced by the skin, like sebum, and being all natural it’s composed mainly of essential oils and carrier oils. Most brands sold on the market are a blend of one (1) or more ingredients, some of which include; grape seed oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, argan oil, hempseed oil and rosemary oil. These are commonly used to to help address particular beard problems like dryness, itching or sensitive skin by going right to the follicles in a similar way a traditional hair conditioner would work, except it’s for your facial hair.

As we all know, the beard needs the same attention you give to the hair on your head. A healthy beard can actually wick the moisture away from your skin, drying it out leaving you with a hard, brittle beard and a dry flaky skin. Daily application will help mitigate these nasty effects.

The Applications are Strong with This One

There are various different types of beard oils used in the treatment of different hair conditions and hair types. For example, if you are facing a dandruff problem, you can use beard oil to solve the problem. Dandruff is usually caused by the skin that’s too oily or too dry; these are the 2 most common beard conditions. Fortunately, the 2 conditions can be easily treated by using the appropriate natural carrier oil. Since the dry skin may also cause irritation and itching beneath the beard, a well conditioned beard will be of great help.

Ohh… The Benefits

Beard oil is useful for styling as well. It can help tame the mane so to say. Say you have a specific style you want to go for, and you need your beard to compliment the style without unnecessarily using something like the hair spray. Or, perhaps you just need to control the flyaways, or keep frizz to a minimum. Whichever the reason, it can be a great solution.

– Most products are usually scented, and they utilize various masculine artificial (boo!) and natural scents ranging from bitter to sweet. The oils are often used as a substitute to colognes or aftershave.

– It acts as a great moisturizer which goes directly to the hair follicles and prevents the hair from getting brittle, especially in the cold, windy environments. Hydration around the face helps in preventing skin dryness, flaking and dandruff. When applied to the beard and skin, the hydration will go straight to the hair follicles, much like how the hair conditioner does after washing your hair. This hydration keeps the facial hair healthy, and also hydrates the skin.

– It can also be used as a great grooming oil. The hydrating ingredients it contains help in keeping the coarse hair smooth and neat, which in turn makes your beard soft and tangle free.

Beards Are In

Beard oils are actually among the newest hot trends in the world of men’s grooming. They will keep the facial hair smelling fresh and flake free. These oils use all natural pure essential oils which are easily absorbed by even the coarser grades of facial hair. As a matter of fact, beard oil benefits all types of facial hair, ranging from small to the large beards, mustaches, and everything else in between. Get yours today and start enjoying its’ many amazing benefits.