If you have a beard, it is important that you constantly maintain it. One of the best way of maintaining your beard is through the use of beard oil. The oil nourishes your whiskers, and restores your beard’s natural oils. It also moisturizes your skin, which helps to improve the appearance and prevent formation of wild whiskers and damaged facial hair. Below is a look at how you can use beard grooming oil to maintain a legendary looking beard.

When is the best time for applying beard oil?

For the beard oil to be effective, you should develop a routine in your application. Irregular application of the oil will only make the benefits last for a short period. You should develop a routine where you apply the oil at least once a day. The best time for application is usually after having a shower, possibly in the morning. For the best results, take a hot shower; this will thoroughly clean your facial hairs and soften them, which will make it easy to absorb the oil. In case you prefer a cold shower, you should rinse your face with warm water.

How often should you apply?

There is no fixed number of times that is required for you to apply beard oil. About once every day will be enough to maintain your facial hair. However, you might need to increase the frequency depending on the weather, and other factors such as the size of your beard. You can simply start with one application per day, and then increase the number of times applied depending on your individual needs

How much oil should you use?

There is no fixed amount of oil that you should apply on your beard. Since all beards are different, the amount you use will depend on how large and thick your facial hair is. Other factors such as how oily your skin is might also be considered. Generally, a small amount of oil (about 3 drops) will be enough; there is no need to waste the oil. In case is not, you can always add more.

Watch The Beard Grooming Oil Application Process

For optimal results, the grooming oil must be absorbed by your facial hairs and also penetrate the skin. Therefore, application is not as simple as just slathering oil on your beard. Here is a look at the proper procedure of applying the oil:

1) Thoroughly clean your beard using warm water
2) Completely dry your beard; water will hinder the absorption of the oil by your facial hair
3) Pour a few drops into your palms and spread it evenly on the palms and fingers.
4) Apply the oil by massaging it into your beard. Ensure all the regions of the facial hair are covered. This should include the sides, the bottom of the beard, and the mustache.
5) For better results, use a comb to brush the hair. This will evenly distribute the oil on your beard, while at the same time helping to style it

Most people with beards wonder how they can properly maintain them. Beard oil is the perfect beard grooming product, which will leave your beard looking clean and neat. Apply it today for a soft and moisturized beard.